The Cauldron

Help One, Help Many

The Cauldron is a collaborative “think tank” where health care workers, faculty, students, and entrepreneurs come together to make a difference in health care and medicine. The diversity of thoughts, ideas, and experiences that each person brings results in innovative brainstorming and group problem-solving. A good example of The Cauldron in action is how St. Luke’s and the community worked together to during a critical time in the COVID-19 pandemic using 3d printing to assist with the global shortage of medical supplies.

The Cauldron's mission is to collaborate and share ideas, insights and experiences to help drive and transform health care to new levels, across in-patient and out-patient worlds, as well as our underserved patient communities.

Our goal is to advocate, elevate and empower YOU to design, discover, translate ideas to into a reality.

Together we have the power to profoundly change lives.

Who is your one?