Standardized Patient Program

Standardized Patients are people who represent the patient community. They can be students, artists, retired teachers, postal workers, law enforcement – members of our community. They are trained to accurately and realistically re-create the history, physical findings, and psychological and emotional responses of the patient in a clinical setting or situation in a safe environment. Standardized patients are also trained to provide feedback on the experience they had to improve interpersonal skills and effective communication.

St. Luke’s Standardized Patient Program represents a diverse ethnic and racial demographic of people ranging in age from 18-80 years old. All requests for standardized patient programs must go through the Simulation Center.

Standardized patients can be used in educational sessions such as:

  • Learner Evaluation
  • Objective Structured Clinical Examination Sessions
  • Patient Experience
  • Standardized Patient Session Case Portrayal

In addition to the Standardized Patient Program we also have Standardized Participant services. Standardized participants can be used in educational programs for the following:

  • Live Performances
  • Marketing
  • Print Models
  • Ultrasound Models
  • Videos

Apply to be a St. Luke’s Standardized Patient!